Smarty Wings and Halos

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Игры Образование Настольные Обучающие
Разработчик SmartyShortz LLC
1.99 USD

Smarty Wings and Halos

Missing the nights when a fun board game was the nightly entertainment? Are you looking for a fun family (or individual) game that has a “feel good” vibe with positive life messages?

SmartyShortz has brought the old board game feel together with a religious spin! Wings and Halos is the new virtual board game where players can customize their icons, spin the wheel, advance across the board all the while learning life lessons as you go. The ultimate destination is the gates of heaven of course but along the way earn your wings and your halo! Play alone, with up to 4 players or “play with friends” virtually, at the end your score is loaded into the Heaven Hall of Fame!

Both children and adults retain information and feel comfortable when instructions and life lessons are set to engaging uplifting images and Wings and Halos accomplishes this.

SmartyShortz and gaming expert Dave Evans come together to create an app that offers both a fun, easy to play game and a spiritual positive experience.

SmartyShortz is a educational app developer out of Washington DC with over 20 apps in the app store. SmartyShortz has a variety of apps ranging from graphics children have actually drawn to entrance exam preparation to a variety of apps used in the classroom.

Learn, Play, Shine (and God Bless!) with Smarty Wings and Halos!